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1. For the Minimalist

Minimalist outdoor Christmas lights are the way to go for those who think “less is more.” Here, simplicity and elegance are key. Imagine subtle warm white lights lining the roofline, followed by a small number of thoughtfully chosen items that can serve as the main focal point, like a lit wreath with no additional decorations. Add some stake lights to the steps leading up to your home, and there you have it! Warm white lights are popular among minimalists because they give off a soft, welcoming glow without detracting too much from the actual house.

2. For the Traditionalist

Have you ever come across a house that takes you back to your childhood? Nostalgia begins with this vintage-inspired Christmas lighting style. Think back to classic touches, candy cane-colored lamps, wrapped lanterns, and garlands woven onto the metal rail leading to the front door. The candy cane lights come in classic red and warm white, taking you back to the old days! Each work in this exhibition will bring back warm and fuzzy memories for you to look back on as you create new works this year!

3. For the Young-at-heart

If you enjoy fun and cheer during the holiday season or expect the grandkids to run around the house, then you’ll want to choose a whimsical outdoor Christmas lights theme. Go extra grand with cheerful multicolored lights, inflatable characters, and mini-lights scattered throughout your bushes. Multicolored lights come in all the fun colors like orange, purple, green, red, and blue! This wonderful exhibition will capture the hearts of young and old.

At Happy Holiday Lighting Company, we understand that every homeowner’s Christmas decorating preferences are different and their holiday needs may vary. That’s why we love working closely with our customers to really dig in and discover what will make this Christmas magical. Whether you prefer minimalist elegance with warm white lights, love a classic style with classic red and white lights, or seek out an exotic atmosphere with multi-colored displays, we’ve got you covered. your request. Give us a call and our experts will help you create a Christmas decoration that reflects your vision!

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