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Outdoor Christmas decorations can include wreaths, stake lights, and one of our favorites, garland, in addition to lights. Garland’s adaptability and versatility in outdoor Christmas décor is one of its unique qualities. Any outdoor feature, including doorways, railings, trees, and fences, can be decorated with garland by easily shaping, draping, and integrating it. It’s useful for giving any space a little bit of decoration, especially bare spaces. Additionally, we’ll include pictures with each example so that even if you don’t know how to hang a garland, you can get a sense of how it would appear.

1. Entryways

By framing your front door and entryway with garland, you can welcome guests with an element of holiday magic. To add a touch of green, you can simply drape them around the door frame like an archway; if you want more glamour, you can weave some tiny lights into them.

2. Fences

By weaving garlands through the pickets, you can turn your outdoor fence into a Christmas-themed canvas. You can use our garland, which has built-in timers, to have your yard look like a winter wonderland by having the lights turn on automatically as the sun sets.

3. Pillars and Columns

Decorating your home’s pillars or columns with garland will enhance its architectural features. For an additional touch of greenery, you can either add more bows or leave it plain. Your outdoor space can really be improved with this easy addition.

4. Windows

Garlands can be used to create a captivating outdoor view by structuring your windows. Instead of damaging the stucco with hot glue, you can secure them along the window sills with outdoor hooks or clips. This is a quick way to create a cozy atmosphere in your house.

A simple way to connect all of your outdoor Christmas decorations is with garland. If something seems to be missing, try wrapping garland around those spots to see if that was the final finishing touch. Anyone passing by your house will feel warm and welcoming during the holiday season thanks to the greenery.

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